Dirt bike racer healing 3rd spinal cord injury

Tucker is 21 and a nationally known dirt bike racer.

When Tucker came to us he had dislocated his back once and broken his back two times. The last break resulted in paralysis from (T4/T5) the chest down.

Tucker approaches NFT with the same steely resolve that he does racing.  His ability to concentrate and work past obstacles is like watching him be on the course.  The results follow and he is now able to run in the pool.  He likes to use all kinds of equipment to create his visuals and add resistance.

His ability to engage the same focus he used on the course is extremely beneficial to his success. He lives in California and has to be his own NFT coach. The beauty of this work is that once you’ve learned it, you can take it with you anywhere.

That is if you have the resources such as a pool available. In Tucker's case, he has to travel a great distance to access the water. Tucker is one of the inspiring factors that has lead NFI to fundraise for a dedicated therapeutic pool. The reality of conquering an injury is great enough without being hindered by resources.

Tucker we salute you! You are an example of patience and perseverance even when there's a drought. We will stay the course with you!



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