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Build a Pool & Training Facility

Currently, the venues in Colorado are too small to support the increased demand NFI and HOLI are experiencing.  To provide extensive programming, NFI and HOLI need to build a facility with a dedicated heated pool.  More space on land and in the water is essential to offer additional services and to reach more people.

Train Participants and Providers:

There are many highly impaired candidates who could benefit from this work.  However, there aren't enough healthcare providers to serve these populations.  Our vision is to do both: share this training with impaired people and equip providers.  To support open access to the work, NFI and HOLI are currently developing an online curriculum for personal and provider use.


Research and Study:

To incorporate this valuable work into main-stream health care, HOLI needs to expand the study of NFT.  Presently HOLI has been able to provide such solid research from numerous individual case studies.  However, studying larger groups of people and their outcomes will provide critical information for further development and utilization.

How Does HOLI Plan to Bring its Vision to Life?

HOLI completed its first successful Aquatic NFT Spinal Cord Injury program called CONNECT in June 2018.  This was a four -week, six hour per day, six day a week immersion that took place in a pool, a classroom, and utilized bodywork.  HOLI raised $65,000 to take four paralyzed participants through the process.  All four participants had new, functional movement in the pool within this time frame.  (See our Blog.)

Our goal is to offer this training for more people with spinal cord injuries and providers who want to serve them. As a result, HOLI is actively raising money to regularly repeat the CONNECT program.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Neuroplastic Functional Institute would love to have you participate. To  contribute click here and CONNECT.    

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To Help NFI and HOLI:

Build a dedicated heated pool, begin CONNECTING people with serious impairment and spinal cord injuries to the healthcare professionals interested in helping them, and continue researching Neuroplastic Functional Training.

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