Adam can swim 6 years post accident

Adam is a 41 year old previous, competitive mountain biker.

He broke his neck 6.5 years ago (see photo on the trick that he was taking on at the time of injury).  Adam sustained an interior burst fracture of his C4 vertebrae in 2012 and became paralyzed from the neck down. A vivacious Rastafarian, this newly married man had a baby on the way when his world suddenly changed.

Adam hadn’t been in a pool since his injury.  Fully equipped with flotation devices and 4 team members, we eased him in to the pool.  He quickly learned the neuroplastic functional principals, how to relax, and gain control of his spasticity and clonus.

Adam has been working hard in the pool since June and his progress has truly been amazing! His success is a fulfilling gift to the whole NFI Team.  After just 5 months of working with him, team members can see and feel the substantial changes in his strength and the difference in the weight of his torso.  The bones in his hands aren’t as visible anymore because they are filled in with muscle!  He doesn’t need to wear knee braces or wrist braces anymore.  He can float without a flotation device, walk across the pool without assistance, and sit up on his own!  Now, he holds his wife upright in the pool and they dance together.

It’s not hard to imagine the whole NFI crew tearing up when they see the love and joy on the faces of Adam and his wife, Tannel.  Recently, Lauryn suggested Adam print and hang color pictures of himself when he was at his biking peak and racing. He uses these photos for mental rehearsal. All with the goal of getting back on the bike.  Biking is Adams deepest brain map. Biking is his destination.

We are all willing to continue this ride. Ride on, Adam, ride on!

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