Ben has increased mobility after spinal stroke

Ben is a 22 year old college student at the University of Colorado Denver.

He suffered a spinal stroke in 2015 to his C5 vertebrae.

He had limited movement in his arms and legs and incurred quite a bit of spasticity on a daily basis.  Ben has been practicing NFT since June.

He has gained significant control over being able to relax his body on command.  He is diligent and unwavering in his NFT principles practice and it has definitely paid off.

Within 5 months working in the pool 3 times per week, Ben now has global movement in his arms and legs and he can now jog in the pool.  He says he just practices wiggling his toes while he is in class, so he multitasks NFT every day.

He has an insatiable mind for learning and remembering things.  Whenever we were stuck on an answer or a principal in class Ben could always rattle it off no problem.

Ben is a true light.  His sense of humor and his unwavering will are going to catapult his healing process.

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