Movement in his paralyzed arm after 3.5 years

In March 2015, Bob Kemper suffered a complete brachial plexus avulsion from a serious ski injury.

What this means is that the nerves that operated his right arm were completely severed from his spinal cord. The accident left his dominant arm paralyzed.

When Bob came to NFI he had such excruciating phantom pain that he was considering amputation. Previously, he had tried everything including PT, muscle transplantation, and a DREZ procedure. The DREZ procedure is when a surgeon uses a surgical microscope to carefully isolate the area of the spinal cord that has been damaged. Afterward, the ends of the nerves are cauterized within the spinal cord to try and stop the pain. While Bob had excellent doctors, nothing worked. According to one diagnosis, his arm was, "dead."  NFI was his last hope.

After working with NFT for 6 weeks Bob's pain began to decrease and his mobility increased! He can now pet his dog, hold a tub of ice cream, and do single arm push ups on the side of the pool.

Bob lives part time in California so he too has stepped up to be his own coach. He continues his exercises and mental work on his own.  He has a new light in his eyes, hope, and reduced pain.

Bob you are a hero! We celebrate your bravery and fortitude! Little do we know how important a wave can be!

Below is a precious video of Bob carrying his 95 year old mother's birthday present:


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