Post ski accident, Soren is dedicated to walking again

Soren is 18 and was injured in a ski accident in 2017. He had a burst fracture at L1, which left him completely paralyzed from the waist down. 

He landed on his tailbone and shattered L1 from the force of the fall.  This is one of the most debilitating ways to break your back.

He has been learning NFI for a year and dedicates himself daily to making progress both in movement and pain management.

Soren is our Ambassador and was the first person to be certified by Lauryn as a Neuroplastic Functional Trainer.  His insights to healing are amazing and his will to walk are inspirational.

He is already walking in braces and most recently was able to pedal a bike without assistance.  After 8 months of practicing this work we are celebrating his achievements.

The team at NFI are incredibly blessed to have Soren be a part of us. His physical and emotional strength touches all of us. Soren also contributes his knowledge of social media, advocacy for his peers, and his intuition.

Rock on, Soren

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