We honor our caregivers. Meet Tanelle.

Tanelle is Adam’s wife.  The teams has such admiration for how she dedicates her life to supporting Adam.

After the accident, life was tough. Tanelle reported the hardship this couple experienced when the doctors felt there wasn't anything else they could do for Adam. Adam's physicians didn’t think he was going to make it. The risk was death from infected and relentless bed sores.

Tanelle dug her heels in and took over caring for his wounds. For two years, she applied a special all-natural honey pack mixture that her father created for the animals on her childhood farm.

This constant love and attention and the use of natural remedies healed Adam.  It was only then that he could focus on his injury and rehabilitation. However, his future looked grim. He was told he would never move again.

In fact, for 6.5 years The extent of Adam's global movement was being lifted by a sling from his bed into his wheelchair. Tanelle did the rest.

Tanelle is a testimony to one of the most powerful pieces of this work.  That only YOU are in control of YOU. She has learned NFT and utilizes it to care for herself, her family, and Adam.

Tanelle says that, "NFT has changed [her] whole life and their outlook on things.

Our shout out to Tanelle?

You are the deepest example of Love! You teach us everyday and we see you.

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