Meet Susan Horning

As the blogger, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Susan, I'm a Colorado native, and you can visit my background info on the Our Team page.

I met Lauryn back in February of 2018.  It seems like a lifetime ago because of everything we have accomplished from then until now.  My next posts will be showcasing what we have been up to since June.

This past June 2018 the Neuroplastic Functional Institute(NFI) held our first  aquatic immersion program called CONNECT. We raised $65,000 to take 4 amazing spinal cord injured clients through 30 days of non-stop Neuroplastic Functional Training (NFT). We spent time in a classroom, doing structural integration, and training in a pool.

In addition to the injured participants there were about 18 of us that went through the training to assist them.  We call ourselves “The Team”.  This group consisted of 2 physical therapists, an occupational therapist and a nurse. Several millennial college students, studying medicine and various other talented people hungry to know how to heal also joined us.

It changed every person on The Team’s life.  The beauty of NFI is that once you learn it, it will never leave you.   We all became committed to share this work with the world!  Our end goal is to teach pain free, high-level function for the whole person.

This definition by the way, applies to everyone!

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