Our Approach

Our approach to helping you heal has three components: Neuroplasticity, Kinesiology, and Life Education.

Neuroplasticity: harnessing the science of changing your brain for better health...

Neuroplasticity is the most exciting breakthrough in neuroscience today. It’s a science ordinary people can practice for better health. This discovery, that the brain can actually change its structure and function in response to our mental experience, offers endless possibilities for very real life change–physically and mentally. The fact that the brain is not hardwired or fixed invites us to be in charge of changing ourselves. With proven, specific techniques and intention, we can make significant gains and breakthrough what appear to be debilitating physical and mental barriers.

One of the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity is simple: use it or lose it. Neuroplasticity teaches: what we don’t use, we lose and what we do use, we gain. By strategically not using behaviors and brain maps that are not useful and practicing only those brain maps that are useful, we can design an independent, healthy life.

Kinesiology: understanding how the body works helps us improve function...

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, performance, and function. Understanding how our bodies operate within simple physics and space is profoundly useful, because it helps us identify the causes of physical pain and impairment and change them...for the better. Kinesiology gives us a tool box to prevent, manage, and independently treat musculoskeletal imbalances.

Think of it as a new license to move. Movement is the only activity that employs every executive function of our brains. So it makes sense: training our brains while promoting fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility optimizes our time investment in health. It’s a one-stop shop in moving forward.

Life Education: building a life of exceptional outcomes...

Combining universal truths with neuroplastic techniques, life education is a user-friendly practice that addresses the three parts of an individual: the body, the soul, and the spirit. It unpacks these three unique parts so we can accurately identify our “whole person” current location and clearly choose what we want to have–a productive and fulfilling destination. Life education uses solution-based concepts to help you remap and eliminate problems from every area of your life. By removing obstacles, such as fear, and remapping within the new parameters of kindness, patience, and encouragement, we overcome challenges and reach our goals.

Being able to say what we mean and do what we say gives us integrity...it enables us to trust ourselves. Ultimately, life education teaches us how to have healthy relationships, makes us resilient, and empowers us to strategically and effectively choose and respond to whatever life brings us.