Neuroplastic Functional Training (NFT)-Case Study

Changing Paralysis - Moving Forward

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Bob smiling

 "The Neuroplastic Functional Institute is giving me my life back."

Bob Kemper- Participant
While skiing, Bob tore all his brachial plexus (arm) nerves from his spinal cord. Kemper began learning NFT on October 1, 2018. By November 16, 2018, he was able to lift a pint of ice cream with two hands. He is still actively healing.

7 Areas You Can Change-Find Out How NFI Works

Health and Wellness

Add motivation, understanding, and the ability to accomplish new goals.

Cognitive Health

Preserve lifelong cognitive function and improve impaired cognition.

Physical Function

Change even high-level dysfunction, such as paralysis, chronic back problems, and orthopedic issues.


Effectively train your brain to reduce fear and stress levels.

Pain Management

Learn techniques that change the intensity, duration, and the effects of pain.

Business Builders

Utilize principles that will improve focus, productivity, conflict resolution, and overall outcomes.


Athletic Performance

Improve athletic performance and acquire skills to prevent and manage injuries.

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